I love my sketchbooks…..

They are places to continually improve my observational drawing, to doodle ideas, to record holiday memories, or, accidentally, to create final artworks in (which leaves me with the dilemma of how to extract the piece from the book with minimal damage).

I am an avid collector of sketchbooks – and have a wide selection of different shapes, sizes and paper weight. My favourites are small A6 ones, and I try to carry one with me at all times so that I am able to capture a really interesting pose, an architectural detail, doodle ideas, or write notes for a new story.

Below are a selection of my favourite observational sketches – these range from life-drawings to sketches of street scenes. Also, you can see snapshots of my life, from my travels around the UK and abroad to sketches of daily life in Leicester.

To see my doodles and sketches, pop over to my “characters” page where you can see some of them brought to life.

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