I am an illustrator, writer and printmaker whose work inhabits a world that lies somewhere between reality and daydreaming.

I have always had a passion for illustration and storytelling, and in 2016 I graduated from Cambridge School of Art with a Masters in Children’s Illustration. It was incredibly hard work, and one of the toughest things I have done, but it was worth it, as I was lucky enough to be taught by some of the greatest contemporary illustrators, and learnt a huge amount about illustration – from creating picture books to illustrating for older children. I am now working on several projects and books – some for young children, and others for the child within us all. If you are a publisher and wish to see these these, please do get in touch, I’d be delighted to show you.

I work from my home studio in Leicester, with a lovely view over trees that are inhabited by birds of all sizes and species and the occasional squirrel too. And when I fancy getting  inky I head to Leicester Print Workshop where I was Artist in Residence from April to July 2018.

For all the latest news, please visit my blog where you can read about my latest projects, see works in progress and up-to-date exhibition news.

Jane Sunbeam - Daydreaming
Daydreaming – one of my favourite things to do. And this was a part imagined, part observed view from my living room window – I loved seeing this tree change throughout the seasons, and can draw it with my eyes closed (along with bay fronted houses opposite) as I spent so many hours gazing out at it whilst I worked out a plot line, or was busy sketching out new ideas.