The First Flowers of Summer.

The Spring is ending, the bulbs have finished their glorious display and I am looking forward to what the Summer brings. My group show (with 11 other very talented artist/makers) which is based on the theme of Inside/Outside at The Eye is going well, with a number of sales and potential commissions. Many people have been interested in a particular piece especially when they realise it is embroidered – and many have been asking how it was done and the layering involved, which is always lovely.

So here is a little history of that particular piece:

This was my first attempt at screen-printing in quite a few years, so I was excited and nervous at the same time. Because of practicalities I opted for paper stencils and the monotype of screen-printing. Here are a few images of the images being created…….

laying on the paint
Layering on the paint
More layers


Final Print
The Final Print
Jane Sunbeam, flowers fabric.jpg
Screenprints mocked up into fabric design

But I felt that something was missing. Although it worked as a design, and I had always intended to work it up different ways, to experiment and to push this image forwards. And so I took a “failed” print,  added colour, more colour, and some fun flicked texture. And then some embroidery. And more embroidery, with a tad more embroidery. I was finally started to get the richness I was yearning.


The process of giving depth and texture to the work

It was hard to know when to stop with this image regarding the embroidery – but I wanted to convey the feeling that one would feel in a Cottage Garden, with borders spilling over with flowers. So I added a few more flowers, collaged and embroidered them, and even used masking tape on the back of the work to hold the tearing paper together whilst I added yet more stitches. But eventually it could take no more stitches, with the needle jamming in the paper, and I finally felt I had achieved my desired richness and it was time to stop.

The back of the Sunflower – you can spot the masking tape as it is gradually added to reinforce the paper.


The final artwork - Summer Flowers
The final artwork – Summer Flowers
Artwork on show at the Inside/Outside show at The Eye Exhibition Project

To see the piece, and the rest of the work in the exhibition please come along to The Old Libraries Gallery at Leicester Adult Education College. To find out more please visit our official blog –

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