I love my sketchbooks….. They are places to continually improve and practice my drawing, or to doodle my daydreams, record holiday memories, or, on rare occasions to create final artworks in (which leaves me with the dilemma of how to extact the piece from the book with minimal damage). I am an avid collector of the many different shapes, sizes and paper qualities that they come in – with my favourite being a heavy papered Seawhites hardback square sketchbook. But, I  also always carry a small A6 one with me to capture special moments, and for observational drawings along with a myriad of pens, pencils and waterbrushes.

Below are a selection of my favourite sketches – and range from lifedrawings (done in sketchbooks so that I can record my progress) to sketches of people passing by. Also, you can see snapshots of my life – past adventures in Paris and Wales, and more locally-based sketches of daily life in Leicester.

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