I first fell in love with printmaking at school – carving that first piece of lino proved addictive,  enabling me to creating one image,  then experiment with the many other properties that make up an image such as colour, tone and texture.

Printmaking is still my favourite way of working after all these years, and I have learnt many more print based processes since that first meeting including, screenprinting, etching, letterpress and collagraphs.

I am often found with fingers covered in glue when creating my collagraph plates or equally as covered in ink when at Leicester Print Workshop printing. I remember a tutor on my degree saying that he could always tell when I was immersed in my work, as I was always covered in ink – and I am happy to say, to this day that is still true.

Many of these prints are for sale through Cank Street Gallery, Leicester, but if you can’t find a specific print, or wish to commission a new piece, I would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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