Getting connected (and making friends with self doubt).

Hello all, thankyou once again for visiting this site, and my blog. Its been a while, and I have somewhat failed in my weekly blogs – it seemed such an easy idea – a blog a week, but my goodness, Self Doubt has been sitting quietly by my side the past few weeks (as it does with so many creative people – perhaps we can organise a Self Doubt group for them to play whilst we work away). However, I think it is often part of the territory and is what pushes us to keep creating and striving to make artworks, so I’m attempting to make friends with it in order to push my work forward.

I  often think of this little thing of Self Doubt that sits beside me as a little timid character – I shall draw him one day- almost like that in Gorey’s “The Doubtful Guest”. Seeing it as this character makes it easier to understand, to empathise with, and to usher out for a walk so that I can work.

Edward Gorey, the Doubtful Guest
Edward Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest – really worth getting a copy of as it is full of dark Gorey’s archetypal illustrations, combined with his famous dark humour In prose, Gorey tells the tale of character that comes to live with a family, engages in all sorts of antisocial antics, yet the family cannot rid themselves of it, and one can see the family growing darker as their guest stays and never leaves.

But, Self Doubt has gone for a walk in the sunshine today (it normally does not like sunny days and happiness – I normally escape it by going out, so the reversal is rather encouraging, perhaps Self Doubt is transforming itself into a jollier character).  and I realise I like the blogging process, and to have people reading it is a plus and a bonus.

So, whilst I have not been here blogging, I have been busy on my other sites, getting connected with the many different social media platforms that are out there –  and perhaps dear reader, you are contemplating whether or not to try a certain social media platform, here is a rough guide from my perspective. Naturally, read the small print about copyright etc before making the choice as to whether it is worth the exposure and connections you gain.

So, if you haven’t seen a blog from me for a while, do check me out in these other places:

Facebook. Whilst I do like FB, I struggle to get new followers on it – and have been told that even those following me say they don’t often get updates. Unless you follow and click “get notifications” and then “see first” it is harder to get your profile out there. But for building up a good library of images over time, I must say, it is a great, and for those who do “like”, and who get the notifications, they will see me in their newfeed. So, please, if you are reading this blog, please skip over to FB too,  “Like”, “get notifications” and “see first”.

Screen Shot 03-31-16 at 04.21 PM

I am also on Twitter

Screen Shot 03-31-16 at 04.19 PM

I also have a website Although I am very happy with  (and dare I say proud of) my website, and feel that it represents my work well (and having toiled for many hours on it) by providing a professional introduction for potential clients. It gives an overview of the mediums in which I work, and my teaching work with each page having a  gallery which autoplays and can be halted on an image. Each page also has with a mini statement on it, giving  the visitor comprehensive information on me and my work. But like many, I deem it a “static” way of interacting with it – it provides no statistics of views, or countries, and as complex site I only update it annually for fear of it crashing.Screen Shot 03-31-16 at 04.20 PM

My newest social media platform is Instagram and so far I have found it extremely useful. As you can see from the screenshot, it is so visual right from the outset, with the “likes” and comments popping up as one hovers over the image. Screen Shot 03-31-16 at 04.19 PM 001I have only been on it a week or so, but found it very user friendly, and so easy to search for others to follow, and to make connections. Also, as it was initially developed for the phone user, I find it so easy to use when out and about, and one thing in particular that I like is that other artists post works in progress, and so it is a very useful learning platform aswell as being one for me to show my work. I know of many artists/makers who now use IG to notify of items for sale in Etsy (another platform I am working on) and even selling directly from IG. Further reading can be found here in this useful article by the Agora Gallery. The # (hashtags) make it easy to connect work and ideas too, and from my researches, the # is a huge part of the posting – with some Instagrammers using up to a whopping 28 #’s!

So I will bid you goodnight from here – as I slip over to Instagram to post a picture or two…..and I shall return to write more on another sunny day……….




4 thoughts on “Getting connected (and making friends with self doubt).

  1. We all have self doubt. The more sensisitive and artistic you are the more self doubt you have. Of all the people I know you, Janie, you are one of those who should not feel it because you are amazing, talented and totally beautiful.

    1. Thankyou Jenny – you are so right. So many creative people have self doubt – I think a little tea party for all the Self Doubt would be great. I shall send mine out for long walks each day – it may do it good! And I shall keep blogging – but if there is ever a gap, people know where else I “hang out”. 🙂

  2. Lovely blog post, it’s very you. I will look up the Gorey book as it sounds fascinating. I have a blog but haven’t posted for ages (looks guilty). Look forward to hearing more of your adventures.

    1. Thanks Zoe! Glad I am not the only one that lets it slip by on blog posts – and glad it was very “me”. I highly recommend the Gorey book – it is right up your street. He also created The Gasghlycrumb Tinies, an alphabet book but with a darkly comic look at death.

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