Cover Art and Owls

Here are my two images I submitted for the front page of our Ma graduation catalogue for the London show (I submitted 2 in the end). They were not selected, but the image chosen is beautiful and perfectly sums up the course. I’m still learning about book cover design, and there is so much to consider in choosing an image, let alone all the font choices and layout variances. So, for this week’s post I thought I would take you through the some of choices I made to get to the the final covers I submitted.

It started with this little Owl, (made using Daniel Smith Watercolours).
Some of his details were picked out using machine embroidery.
I thought he was a little lonely, so added in some parents.
And a background
then played with many different layouts
and added leaves
then played some more digitally, adding in more leaves and moving the moon
and adding shadows for more depth
But it felt too much, so the moon was removed…..
…..and the leaves. But I didn’t like them all looking so directly out of the image…..
And so for more narrative, I asked the parents to go to sleep. They said they would happily do so, as it was rather bright for them.

And then, for my second image, it worked a bit easier – I chose cats! You know by now I love cats. And for the colours I used the “pipette” to choose the colours from the two cats. Oddly I prefer this to the owls, yet it took a tenth of the time.

Second Submission – Cats


2 thoughts on “Cover Art and Owls

  1. Well done, Jane, it all looks beautiful and I am excited about your final show at Cambridge. So admire you for all you’ve achieved!

    1. Thankyou Stephanie! Its been quite a journey, and lovely to have you on board for the first excited flurry. I am looking forward to seeing you, and hearing all about your adventures over the past couple of years. x

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